First non-online lecture of the year is well-received by guests.

Renault Sept 2021.jpg

The Scottish Ayrshire Centre was given a lecture on Renault’s electric vehicle range and programme at its first non-online lecture of the year. 

Presenting for the evening were Sales Engineer Keith Johnson and Trucks Sales Executive George Kennedy, supported by Peter Murray, Managing Director, from Renault Trucks Scotland.
Attendees were given a highly informative talk on the Renault electric vehicle programme, which included a brief background of Renault’s first foray into the market in 2011 with its first fully electric van, to the current vehicle line up, and some of the new products expected on the roads soon.
Keith told the IRTE group that the whole concept of operating an electrical vehicle is a very particular process to ensure the specification matches the customer’s operation, driver environment and customer infrastructure. This initial consultation will highlight any additional specifications or demands that require extra power consumption. It could require a different battery specification and additional extras, such as power take off demands, operating cycle and annual distances. The package will then be offered as a complete solution, built on longevity in operation.  

George answered questions about battery charging systems, charging times, and specific body builder interfaces, and gave details on vehicle weights, payloads and current range. Vehicle storage and safety procedures are all in place and fully supported for new customers, George added.                                      

Keith and Peter then took the audience through a recent demonstration / press test, completed on a 16-tonne electric vehicle, with favourable results. The driver experience is very good, the test concluded; power management is sufficiently generated, making the driver safer and more productive.                                      

Renault also has a 26 tonne 6x2 rear steer refuse demonstration vehicle which delivers 11 tonne payload, but has the advantage of a zero emission operation, now being favoured by all city councils. Rick Bedding from the Centre thanked Renault for an excellent presentation. The Renault electric vehicle range will be demonstrated on 1 November at Bellshill, as part of a national programme roll out.