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Nominate now for Society Safety and Sustainability awards

Apprentice of the Year among three new award categories in 2021.

Manufacturing and transport industry leaders join ‘Leading through change’ webinar to discuss crisis management

Panellists discussed how management crisis strategy changed during Covid-19 and Brexit.

The Society launches LinkedIn group for the Environmental Professional Sector

Environmental professionals encouraged to join interactive LinkedIn page.

Safe Net Zero 2021 – Hydrogen – online learning

Catch up on HSE educational content now.

Society position paper: Ending carbon dioxide originated by equipment operation entering the atmosphere

Members encouraged to read and respond to the paper.

Society of Operations Engineers announces passing of highly regarded road transport professional John Parry

SOE and IRTE colleagues pay tribute to irtec champion John Parry

New dates for the 2021 Commercial Vehicle Show - Book your space now

Commercial Vehicle Show expecting high turnout for return of live business activity

Highlight an outstanding CEnv, REnvP or REnvTech – 2021 SocEnv awards open for nominations

Nominations now welcome for the Environmental Professional of the Year and Registrant Newcomer of the Year awards. The 2021 SocEnv Awards will recognise outstanding achievements of registered environmental professionals during a challenging year.

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Transport Engineer May 2021

May's issue of Transport Engineer.

Transport Engineer April 2021

April's issue of Transport Engineer looks at electric vehicles and hydrogen fuel cell powered heavy vehicles.

SOE News Spring 2021

This issue asks members to help lead the Society of Operations Engineers.

Transport Engineer March 2021

March's issue of Transport Engineer looks at IRTE's new route to registration and this year's Skills Challenge.

Operations Engineer Spring 2021

This issue of Operations Engineer looks at storing carbon and effective action on climate change.

Transport Engineer February 2021

February's issue of Transport Engineer looks at low height tractor units and hub inspection and maintenance.

Transport Engineer January 2021

2021's first edition of Transport Engineer.

Transport Engineer December 2020

2020's final edition of Transport Engineer.

SOE News Winter 2020

2020's final edition of SOE News.

Operations Engineer Winter 2020

2020's final edition of Operations Engineer.

Transport Engineer November 2020

November's issue of Transport Engineer includes IRTE's revised Wheel Safety Best Practice Guide.

Transport Engineer October 2020

October's edition of Transport Engineer looks at preparing tyres for winter, including a best practice guide for tyre depth.

Transport Engineer September 2020

September's issue of Transport Engineer focuses on the advancements of light commercial vehicles.

Transport Engineer August 2020

This edition of Transport Engineer looks towards the future of the industry after COVID-19.

Operations Engineer Autumn 2020

Autumn's edition of Operations Engineer looks at adaptation of the industry to the new social distancing guidelines and practices.

SOE News Autumn 2020

Autumn 2020's edition of SOE News.

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