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Commercial Vehicle Show rescheduled to summer 2021

The UK’s largest and most important road transport event announces new dates for 2021.

Acclaimed bp safety projects win Martin Clark Society Plant Engineer of the Year award

Martin succeeded with the design of a flare relief system at Clair Ridge shortly after leaving university.

Professor Daniel Oerther environmental engineer – in his own words – part two

Society's new committee member returns to talk about the appeal of environmental engineering for young people.

Profile: Environmental engineer and sustainability pioneer Daniel Oerther – in his own words – part one

Daniel is part of the Society's new environmental professional sector.

DVSA announces 12-month MOT testing extension

Operators are advised to check online for confirmation of test dates changes.

Society commits to diversity and inclusion framework

Society will base its model on Royal Academy of Engineering diversity and inclusion progression framework

RH Bodyworks protecting bus drivers from Covid-19 with fully sealed cabins

The accident and repair specialist has made more than 100 units for London buses.

Prof. Steve Burnage to lead new Society environmental sector

New environmental professional sector will provide a network for professionals who protect and improve the quality of the environment through progressive engineering practices.

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Wheel Security - A best practice guide

Advice on best practice guidlines for preventing wheel loss, and understanding why they become detached.

Transport Engineer November 2020

November's issue of Transport Engineer includes IRTE's revised Wheel Safety Best Practice Guide.

Transport Engineer October 2020

October's edition of Transport Engineer looks at preparing tyres for winter, including a best practice guide for tyre depth.

Transport Engineer September 2020

September's issue of Transport Engineer focuses on the advancements of light commercial vehicles.

Transport Engineer August 2020

This edition of Transport Engineer looks towards the future of the industry after COVID-19.

Operations Engineer Autumn 2020

Autumn's edition of Operations Engineer looks at adaptation of the industry to the new social distancing guidelines and practices.

SOE News Autumn 2020

Autumn 2020's edition of SOE News.

Transport Engineer July 2020

July's issue of Transport Engineer looks at the industry's reaction to COVID-19 and lockdown in the UK.

Operations Engineer Summer 2020

The first quarterly edition of Operations Engineer looks into sustainability and the effect of COVID-19 on the industry.

Transport Engineer June 2020

June's edition of Transport Engineer looks at the many zero-emission options and IRTE's new best practice guide on the inspection and maintenance of RCVs.

Transport Engineer May 2020

May's edition looks at predictive maintenance aiming to prepare technicians before vehicle presentations.

SOE News Summer 2020

Summer 2020's edition of SOE News.

Transport Engineer April 2020

A look into the UK's first zero emission zone in Oxford city centre this year.

Transport Engineer March 2020

In this issue we look at road safety and battery-powered vehicle fire safety.

SOE News March/April 2020

The second edition of SOE News for 2020.

Operations Engineer March 2020

This issue looks at heat pump systems, compressed air and gives some handy tips for tackling dermatitis.

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