Industry leading assurance from SOE

We pioneer self regulation in the sectors we operate in - most notably in the road transport sector. The knowledge of SOE's IRTE Professional Sector has enabled us to launch irtec, which is seen as the mark of quality for engineers working in the HGV, PSV, trailer and tyre industries. irtec is complemented by IRTE Workshop Accreditation, which provides an independent commercial audit of workshop facilities - a quality mark which is recognised by clients.

In the operations space, MHE Workshop Accreditation is our inspection for work areas using the range of material handling machinery, and provides a benchmark for firms, whether operating one or multiple sites. 

All of our accreditations run a register and are renewable after a set period, where technicians and workshops are placed and evidence to employers, clients and regulators that they are operating to our exacting standards. 

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IRTE Workshop Accreditation
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irtec Licensing Scheme
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MHE Workshop Accreditation