The improvements to the A38 aims to reduce journey times and boost connectivity throughout the West Midlands.


On 3 August 2023, the Department of Transport confirmed that construction of the planned upgrades will start within weeks.  The initiative is backed by £43 million of government funding and aims to significantly enhance the 4-mile segment of the A38. The primary goal of these upgrades is to optimise and improve crucial junctions, alleviating congestion points and facilitating smoother traffic movement, ultimately leading to reduced travel durations.

“Thanks to our £43 million investment, these crucial upgrades will help reduce severe traffic congestion and poor connectivity for residents in Bromsgrove and Worcestershire. With work set to begin in the coming weeks, these improvements will bolster the local economy through new jobs and homes, while making journeys quicker and smoother for people to get around the area.”
Roads Minister, Richard Holden

Junction improvements will reduce journey times for local buses, making bus services more reliable and punctual. Real-time passenger information will also be installed at bus stops along the route to provide passengers with live updates and help them plan their journey. This is in response to the government's continued encouragement of bus use with over £3.5 billion invested since 2020 to improve services and reduce the price of bus tickets.

“With over £43 million awarded by DfT, we’ll be able to help improve everyday journeys around Bromsgrove and ease traffic for people, as well as boost the local economy.”
Councillor Marc Bayliss

These upgrades are predicted to create over 1,100 new local jobs as well as create 5,500 new homes which is estimated to generate over £93 million of economic benefits for the West Midlands. The total cost of the scheme is £49.8 million, with the Department of Transport committing to provide just over £43 million and Worcestershire County Council providing the rest of the funding.

The project is a part of government investments to boost local transport infrastructure which includes £5.7 billion for future local transport projects across England, as part of the Prime Minister’s plan to grow the economy.