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Freeway joins the 12th IRTE Bus & Coach Skills Challenge as a technology partner

The IRTE Bus and Coach Skills Challenge is a platform that showcases the finest talents and expertise in the bus and coach industry, promoting safety, efficiency, and excellence.

SOE’s President resigns after years of dedicated service

After half a decade of service, SOE’s President John Eastman resigns.

Environmental Champions Take Center Stage: 2024 SocEnv Awards Now Open for Nominations

Could you be recognised in 2024 for your outstanding environmental work? Do you know a deserving colleague who has recently gone above and beyond to protect or enhance the environment?

Revolutionising Fleet Management: How Low-Cost High-Tech Solutions Are Reshaping Tyre Pressure Monitoring for Safety and Efficiency

Dive into the World of Low-Cost High-Tech Solutions for Effortless Tyre Pressure Monitoring.

Unlocking Excellence: Former Skills Challenge Winner Craig Perkins breaks down the significance and success of engineering apprenticeships

Craig Perkins boasts over 16 years of experience in the engineering industry. His career, which commenced as an Engineering Apprentice at National Express, has provided him with valuable first-hand insights into the industry from both apprentice and managerial perspectives.

Investing in the Future: TIP Trailers celebrates the Importance of Apprentices in Operations Engineering during National Apprentice Week

The topic of industry workforce shortages has been rampant amongst the industry for some time now with the UK facing a shortfall of 1 million engineers by 2030.

Driving Commerce at the Speed of Seconds: Why CV Show 2024 is the unmissable event of the year

With the CV show just a few months away, now is the perfect time to recognise the business lead-generating power of the UK’s biggest road transport trade show!

Passion and Perseverance: Emma Moriarty’s Journey

Amidst societal norms, Emma found her engineering spark at TIP Trailers, defying stereotypes with hands-on dedication, proving passion knows no gender in a field where every challenge fuels a remarkable career shift.

Was That Avoidable? A call to action for road safety by DVSA’s Neil Mitchell

IRTE Professional Sector Council Member Neil Mitchell delivers insightful presentation on commercial and public service vehicle defects.

The Great British Pothole Plague: An Irritating Adversary for Operational Engineers

The meek pothole, a seemingly innocent dip in the asphalt, has become a national threat in the UK. From causing car headaches to posing safety hazards, these abundant craters are no laughing matter for operational engineers tasked with keeping our roads smooth and safe.

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