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Dennis Eagle technology

Join us for an interesting presentation on the latest technology from Dennis Eagle.

Wabco Braking Systems

Martin Morris, from Wabco Automotive will present on braking systems, a crucial aspect of a road transport engineer's brief.

Future Fleet Forum

The LAPV Future Fleet Forum is hosted by The City of London and will bring together Fleet and Transport Managers from the public sector and its contracting organisations, to address key challenges faced by our industry, including procurement issues, compliance, safety, and sustainability.

Haldex CV Braking Systems

Join us for a presentation on the history of Haldex.

Reducing exhaust emissions

Driveline Emission Technology's Stuart Booth will talk to us on the solutions available for reducing HGV / PSV exhaust emissions.

The Joe Cox Memorial Award & latest on IRTEC

Join us to congratulate the recipient of the Joe Cox award. Daniel Moir, will also be present to give the latest on IRTEC.

‘Fatal 5’, the main causes of RTC

Join us for an insightful talk on the Fatal 5, from PC Dale of Cheshire Police.

Legislation Update

Es Shepherd will give a legislation update on road transport.

The Bridgestone world solar challenge

Join us for an exciting presentation from the Solar Car team. Who will describe their experiences and results after competing in the 2019 Darwin to Adelaide (3000km) Bridgestone World Solar Challenge.

DAF Trucks

A presentation given by a senior representative from DAF Trucks.

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