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The aim of the Environmental Sector is to advance science and technology related to the field of environmental engineering. It provides a forum for co-operation and the exchange of information relating to professional activities associated with promoting an environmentally sustainable future by reducing the influence of human activity on the world-wide environment. 

Sustainable activities embraced by the Environmental Sector include designing and maintaining products and systems in such a way as to minimise their impact on the environment. Activities also include the use of equipment, ensuring they have a satisfactory operational life and at the end of their planned lifespan they can be reused or recycled.

The goals of the Environmental Sector are to:
  • Promote the establishment of knowledge and experience, on the effects of environments, pollution and contamination and how they impact equipment, structures, building and the population.
  • Stimulate the establishment of knowledge and experience on the influences of human activities and technologies on the world-wide environment.
  • Encourage the application of sustainable technologies and methodologies.
  • Ensure the resilience and integrity of products and systems against environmental influences.
  • Improve the application of best practices and standardisation related to environmental engineering.
Members of the SOE Environmental Sector are involved in: 
  • Applying and developing sustainable technologies and methodologies.
  • Establishing engineering knowledge and experience on the effects and influences of equipment and environmental conditions.
  • Design, testing, assessing, operating and maintaining both products and systems, to enhance their integrity, performance, reliability, service life, reusability and disposability.
  • Collaborating in establishing and applying best practice and standardisation related to environmental engineering. 
  • Providing education and training on environmental engineering as well as sustainable technologies and methodologies.

Members of the new environmental sector will benefit from special events and webinars on the latest developments in a fast-moving and complex area of activity. They will also have access to professional registration with the Engineering Council or the Society for the Environment. If you have any questions in the meantime please email  membership@soe.org.uk 

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Systems Thinking in Engineering Operations Management
We welcome back the informative and entertaining Thomas Baker MSOE MIPlantE for more discussion about how the latest innovations and big picture ideas in engineering can be applied to your business. In this presentation Thomas turns our attention to ‘systems thinking’ and explores how this approach might be applied in Engineering Operations Management. We will look at why it's so difficult to solve some problems and why initiatives often fail or don't achieve their anticipated results. This will no doubt prove to be as thought-provoking as his previous sessions so don’t miss this chance to contribute your ideas at this live webinar.
Re-engineering the Z1 from 4 cylinders to 6 - Mechanical Magic
Originally planned for March 2020 and regrettably postponed due to the Covid19 lockdown, we are delighted to announce that Allen has found time in his busy schedule to return and deliver one of his very popular presentations – this time on his most recent engineering project, the Z1 Super Six!
An Audience with the North West Traffic Commissioner
Gerallt Evans, the Traffic Commissioner for the North West of England will give a presentation on his findings since taking office in February 2020.

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