In support of the vision, six key objectives have been identified as a framework for the operational strategy.  The primary objective is to deliver public benefit through a range of activities. This aims to realise a significant increase in membership numbers with a diversity of backgrounds and characteristics that maximise the talent available to operations engineering while also developing the role of the Society as the thought leader on ethical and sustainable operations engineering.

The following objectives, fully aligned to the Society’s Memorandum of Association, form the basis for the proactive support provided by the Trustee Board, Staff team and Professional Sector Councils:

Deliver public benefit

Delivering public benefit, both in the UK and internationally, through:

  • publicising and increasing the benefit of professional sector and Society membership to potential and existing members;
  • publicising the benefit for all in having greater numbers of operations engineers with Society membership and professional registration;
  • developing the role of the Society as a thought-leader for ethical and sustainable operations engineering; and
  • increasing the provision of evidence-based advice on operations engineering, to Governments and wider stakeholders

Membership diversity

Implementing targeted initiatives for increased stakeholder engagement to drive national and international membership growth that is both diverse and inclusive.

Supporting the development of operations engineering skills

Implementing better support for developing operations engineering skills with a particular focus on existing and potential apprentice and student members along with those members seeking professional registration.

Investing in volunteers

Engaging and developing volunteers through well thought out interactions and the friction-free delivery of support and resource, with a particular focus on the activities of regional groups and centres.

Professional Sector development

Putting the professional sectors’ brands at the heart of the Society and developing their roles in achieving a combined strength for the benefit of all members and the wider public.

Growth in membership

Achieved through the combined effect of the first five objectives.