First Northern Centre technical lecture of the year welcomes Driveline Emissions Technologies.

The huge impact government legislation is having on the commercial vehicle market has meant operators are seeking out advice on how to reduce their environmental impact and associated costs.

So, it was a good time for the Northern Centre to invite Driveline Emissions Technologies, located in Warrington, for its first technical lecture of the year.

The company, which advises operators on cleaning and refurbishing filtration components on modern diesel exhaust systems and exhaust gas recirculation (EGR) units, is active throughout the country, with depots also in Grangemouth, Milton Keynes, Newcastle and Penrith.

Representatives Stuart Booth, Chris Barkley and John Haslam explained the unique process used by the company to clean diesel particulate filter (DPF) and EGR units that are contaminated by Ad-Blue, oil, or a build-up of ash and soot deposits. The process is fully monitored by constant weighing and pressure tests.

The cleaning of the components uses no harmful chemicals and the customer, on completion, is provided with a report of the unit’s condition and the extent of the cleaning process that was required.

Retro-fit applications, used on Euro III, IV and V buses and coaches to meet Euro VI standards, use a selective catalytic reduction (SCR) to reduce NOx by injecting and diffusing AdBlue into the exhaust systems. The catalysts then convert the AdBlue into gaseous ammonia within the exhaust.

Research and development of these systems has incurred high costs, the audience were told, and included trials and testing at a facility in Millbrook prior to certification. The speakers gave a detailed description of the trials and tests and all the components that are installed on the retrofit.

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