The IRTE Northern Centre CPD event for May was a visit to the Gillmoss Material Recovery Facility located in Liverpool and operated by Veolia.

gillmoss-material recovery facility

A total of 20 members and guests made the journey to Merseyside and they were greeted on arrival with a buffet reception in the education centre at the site. Over the last year it had over 8000 visitors from schools, colleges, institutes and other social groups.

A presentation by Kirsty Martin, Waste Awareness Officer, and Paul Jones, Business Manager, gave those present an insight into the role of the facility. It is now mid-way through a 20-year £640 million contract with Merseyside Recycling and Waste Authority (MRWA), on behalf of the Merseyside and Halton Waste Partnership in the recycling chain.

A breakdown of the various processes of the site was then explained and how each product is sifted and processed before shipment by rail or road into either the recycling industry or to be used as a clean energy fuel.

The members and guests were then taken on a tour of the site which has a purpose -built high level walkway and platform that allows unrestricted viewing while the facility is in full operation.

Each of the machines and processes were numbered in the facility and an excellent commentary by the Veolia staff allowed those present to fully understand exactly how the plant operated, from the waste products being loaded onto the first conveyor belts, to the final bailing and storing areas.

Upon completion of the tour Hon. Chairman of the Northern Centre Andrew Marshall thanked the Veolia staff for an informative CPD presentation and tour, and their hospitality.