SOE has secured agreements with four engineering institutions to give their members access to Engineering Council registration.

As a Professional Engineering Institution (PEI), SOE has an agreement - reviewed each year - with the Engineering Council to provide registration to our own members at Engineering Technician, Incorporated Engineer, Chartered Engineer and Chartered Environmentalist levels.

Now, SOE will deliver registration to members of the Institute of Explosives Engineers (IExpE), Institute of Concrete Technology (ICT), Institute of Corrosion (ICorr), and Institute of Demolition Engineers (IDE). All four will begin sending registration candidates to SOE at the start of 2020.

SOE Chief Operating Officer Daniel Moir said: “Each of the new affiliates represent a different engineering discipline but they are equal in their commitment to professional development. Their aim is to continue to give their members access to this vital resource.”

As there are now several alternative routes to professional registration, such as workplace assessments and written reports, many members are taking the opportunity to prove their competence as professional engineers even though they have not achieved the academic qualifications to follow the standard route.

The latest figures show growth in all four levels of registration, most notably for CEnv, where a high level of theoretical knowledge of sustainability and environmental issues is proving to be much in demand.

Applicants to the Engineering Council must prove to assessors that they have the necessary competencies, both technical and personal, before they are awarded professional registration and a set of post nominals.

More recently, the Engineering Council has started to enforce how professional development is maintained by requesting Continuous Professional Development (CPD) records from registrants.

“Registration to the Engineering Council remains a career goal for many engineers. It proves commitment to professional development and demonstrates that an individual works to an industry standard for engineering skills and principles,” added Daniel. “In safety-critical environments, validation of your credentials is extremely valuable.”

David Harvey, Engineering Council Registration Coordinator at ICorr, said: “We are extremely pleased to have set up this new registration agreement with SOE to enable us to continue to offer Engineering Council registration to our professional members. We look forward to having a successful and mutually beneficial relationship with SOE.”

The President of lExpE, Dave Welch, said: “We are very much looking forward to working closely with SOE to deliver this most important work on behalf of our members.”

Rob Lewis, President of ICT, said: “The ICT is pleased to join with the SOE to provide the route to CEng for its members, recognising their status in the industry.”