Members encouraged to read and respond to the paper.

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The Society has produced a position paper to facilitate discussion of existing and potential solutions aimed to reduce and eliminate CO2 emissions being released into the atmosphere.

We encourage members to read it and respond, to help improve the accuracy and effectiveness of the paper through our shared expertise.

As a Professional Engineering Institution (PEI) with members from a wide array of engineering disciplines, the Society is able to explore all aspects of such issues from a neutral position. The paper addresses many commonly held beliefs on the subject and looks at possible solutions without favouring one over another.

After the release of the paper and subsequent member feedback, the Society aims to form a holistic approach to assessing the methods available to prevent CO2 emissions originating from equipment operation.

Paper author Ian Jackson said: “The more people who challenge the paper from their own engineering perspectives, the better. Let’s look at the facts and let’s have the debates because we want a lot more engagement. We can have discussions on possible solutions now, which are global, as the engineering technology available to us is already operational, or close to becoming so.

“As an engineering professional, if you agree with content presented in this paper, get that message out. We want to get people thinking. If you disagree with aspects, please say so, and why,” added Ian.