With the CV show just a few months away, now is the perfect time to recognise the business lead-generating power of the UK’s biggest road transport trade show!


  • Unparalleled business connections: The CV Show facilitates a new business lead every seven seconds, proven by exhibitor-visitor interaction data. 
  • Extensive reach and expertise: With 15,000+ attendees and 300+ exhibitors, the event connects you with key decision makers and leading brands. 
  • Focus on operational optimisation: Discover solutions for cost reduction, safety improvement, and efficiency enhancement. 
  • Expert insights on industry trends: The new seminar program empowers informed investment decisions and strategic planning. 


The Commercial Vehicle Show, CV Show, has established itself as an irreplaceable platform for the road transport sector. Data analysis from the 2023 event reveals a remarkable feat: a new business lead was generated every seven seconds through exhibitor-visitor interactions. This translates to over 12,000 individual meetings facilitated by the badge scan system, underscoring the CV Show's undeniable effectiveness in connecting buyers and sellers. 

With 98% of past visitors wielding purchase authority and actively planning fleet upgrades, the CV Show stands as an indispensable date in the industry calendar. This is especially true amidst challenging economic landscapes, both domestically and globally. 

As the UK's leading road freight transport event, CV Show 2024 promises an even more expansive lineup, taking centre stage at the NEC Birmingham from April 23rd to 25th.  

Among the extensive line up there will be some of the world's most renowned vehicle and component brands, alongside innovative service and solution providers. This convergence establishes the CV Show 2024 as the preeminent platform for UK fleet operators seeking cutting-edge technologies that optimise operational costs, bolster vehicle safety, and elevate efficiency across their entire operations. 

This year's event acknowledges the need to navigate ambitious net zero targets and the increasing adoption of connected and automated vehicle solutions becomes even more critical in achieving sustainable growth by featuring a brand-new, three-day seminar program designed to equip operators with vital industry insights. Renowned experts will delve into pivotal topics, including electric and hydrogen vehicles, evolving regulations, and future skills needs, empowering business leaders to navigate industry challenges and capitalise on forthcoming opportunities. Informed decision-making regarding fleet investments will be paramount, and the CV Show 2024 provides the perfect environment for acquiring the necessary knowledge. 


Don't miss this pivotal event! Register now and secure your spot at the forefront of a dynamic road freight landscape.