Varta, a leader in heavy-duty batteries for coaches and buses joins as a premium sponsor for the IRTE Bus & Coach Skills Challenge in hopes of charging the future of the industry.


VARTA by Clarios, a global leader in advanced energy storage solutions, stands as a formidable force within the industry, renowned for its unwavering commitment to excellence, innovation, and the advancement of standards in PSV (Public Service Vehicle) maintenance.  As such, their participation as a sponsor for the 2024 edition of the IRTE Bus & Coach Skills Challenge is not just noteworthy but eagerly anticipated.

The inclusion of VARTA as a sponsor adds a new layer of prestige and expertise to an already esteemed event. With their history of pushing boundaries and setting new benchmarks in energy storage technology, VARTA's involvement signals a commitment to driving excellence and innovation within the bus and coach industry. Their sponsorship signifies not only a financial investment but also a dedication to supporting the development of technical skills and expertise among professionals in the field.
Scheduled to take place from June 3rd to 7th at the esteemed S&B Automotive Academy in Bristol, the IRTE Bus & Coach Skills Challenge stands as one of the premier events in the industry calendar. It serves as a platform for top talents from across the nation to showcase their skills and expertise in a variety of technical and operational disciplines. From diagnostic challenges to hands-on practical tasks, the Skills Challenge tests participants' abilities across a range of scenarios, providing a comprehensive assessment of their proficiency and competence.

The Skills Challenge isn't just about competition; it's about collaboration and knowledge-sharing. Participants have the opportunity to learn from each other, exchange best practices, and gain insights from industry leaders and experts. This collaborative ethos is what sets the Skills Challenge apart as more than just a competition—it's a community-driven event that fosters professional growth and development. 

For participants, the Skills Challenge represents more than just a chance to compete; it's a chance to benchmark themselves against the best in the industry, to gain recognition for their skills and expertise, and to network with like-minded professionals. It's an opportunity to push boundaries, challenge assumptions, and drive the industry forward.

The IRTE Bus & Coach Skills Challenge stands as a beacon of excellence within the transportation industry, attracting top professionals from across the nation. This prestigious event serves as a platform for participants to not only showcase their unparalleled skills but also to exchange valuable knowledge and insights. As industry leaders converge, they collectively contribute to the advancement and innovation of the sector, setting new standards of proficiency and efficiency.