Its new transmissions offer up to 7.13% fuel saving in urban driving

East Yorkshire bus

Allison Transmission’s message is clear: switch transmissions now to save fuel, lower CO2 emissions, enjoy all the benefits of new componentry and the latest software, while recouping your investment and improving overall total cost of ownership. Its new transmissions offer up to 7.13% fuel saving in urban driving, and up to 16% in rural environments, compared to the incumbent Allison fully automatic transmission.

Several UK bus fleets have put xFE upgrade orders in this year, including Go Ahead London, Metroline, Go North East and East Yorkshire. This follows an impressive trial by Go Ahead London last year alongside Optare’s release of xFE in 2016.

Specifically, its programme is applicable to fleets running 2100 Series™ Allison transmissions in ADL Enviro 200s, Optare Solos, Versas or Tempos, and Wrightbus Streetvibes or NuVibes, purchased in 2012 or later.

xFE uses an improved torque converter lockup clutch enabling first gear lock-up at low speeds. It works in combination with Allison’s latest FuelSense 2.0 technology, which features Neutral at Stop and coast and DynActive™ Shifting. DynActive™ Shifting employs a real-time learning algorithm that finds the ideal balance of fuel consumption and performance by automatically adjusting the transmission control to the load, speed and topography.