Limited places remain although the event will be live streamed.

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The annual SOE Hong Kong Symposium returns on 11 June at the Asia World Expo Meeting Room 201A&B.

Its aim is to promote and share advanced technologies, designs, and construction methodologies to implement transportation systems in Hong Kong and the Greater Bay Area.

A packed schedule of speakers and guests includes Society President Adam Fraser-Hitchen and Ir Dr Hon LO Wai-kwok, The Legislative Council Member, Functional Constituency, Engineering Hong Kong Special Administrative Region. Dr Lawrence Cheung, Chief Innovation Officer at Hong Kong Productivity Council, will deliver a keynote speech in the morning session while Paul Chong, Chairman at Zero Carbon Building, is scheduled to give his keynote in the afternoon.

Organiser Chris Tam said: “Our purpose is to promote safe, efficient, innovative and environmentally sustainable operations engineering to the benefit of the Hong Kong society and to enhance collaboration with other institutions and professional bodies in Hong Kong, Macau and mainland China.

“The transportation system is one of the most well-developed infrastructures in Hong Kong. This strong transportation network continues to expand in pace with our modern society, engineering and economic opportunities. The SOEHK Symposium 2022 would like to share the most intelligent transportation systems from the engineering aspect and their importance to our society.”

Q&A sessions will complete the morning and afternoon sessions, which will give guests an opportunity to interact with the speakers and special guests. There are limited places remaining, but the event will be live streamed.

To find out more about the Hong Kong Symposium, email: [email protected]