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HSE’s 'Safe Net Zero 2021 - Hydrogen' took place between 2-4 March 2021 and provided an invaluable opportunity to learn about the evolving work that is helping to safely deploy hydrogen as an energy vector as part of the UK's commitment to reduce carbon emissions and become 'net zero' by 2050.

If you missed the live event, you can now watch on-demand and catch up on essential learning, discussion and peer-to-peer knowledge exchange.

Each presentation lasts approximately 20 minutes and covers aspects ranging from safety assessments and testing undertaken in distribution and storage of hydrogen through to the work being developed and implemented in the use of hydrogen as an energy source in transportation, including rail, air and road.

Once registered, simply click the ‘On Demand’ drop down menu to access the content of each day:

Day 1 Safely Decarbonising the Gas Grid

Day 2 Safe Infrastructure

Day 3 Growth in Applications & Transport

The conference contains material that is relevant to all Society professional sectors in the use of hydrogen in transport, plant operations, inspection engineering and environmental.

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