Dive into the World of Low-Cost High-Tech Solutions for Effortless Tyre Pressure Monitoring.


The idea of efficiency is one of the top concerns in fleet management only falling second to safety. With regular walkaround checks playing a critical role in ensuring the safety and reliability of both vehicles and trailers, one area that has faced challenges is the monitoring of tyre pressures during these inspections. In response to this concern, various low-cost high-tech accessories have been developed to address the inefficiencies and enhance the overall effectiveness of pre-use checks.  

There are several challenges when it comes to tyre pressure management, as traditionally, a driver would perform the walkaround. These checks have been subject to flaws which can potentially lead to increased breakdowns and maintenance costs. By acknowledging these challenges, innovative solutions have been introduced to improve the efficiency of pre-use inspections, with a focus on tyre pressure management.

One such solution is the low-cost checker Wheely Safe’s Pressure and Brake Temperature Checker, that have been developed to empower drivers, allowing them to check tyre pressures efficiently and with relative ease. The primary goal of these devices is to streamline the process and ensure that walkaround checks are conducted thoroughly before vehicles or trailers leave the depot. The ability for drivers to perform quick tyre pressure checks, along with the option to log these activities, marks a notable advancement in the walkaround inspection process. To see Wheely Safe’s solution in action, join our upcoming webinar 

Adhering to industry guidelines 

In addition to driver-focused accessories, low-cost checkers have been introduced for Engineering and Maintenance teams. These tools facilitate quick tyre pressure checks during routine vehicle inspections, aligning with industry guidelines that emphasise the importance of monitoring and maintaining correct tyre pressures during planned maintenance inspections. 

A number of Industry guidelines, such as the DVSA Guide to Maintaining Roadworthiness, emphasise the importance of monitoring tyre pressures and maintaining them at the correct levels. The introduction of low-cost high-tech solutions supports fleet operators in adhering to these guidelines seamlessly. 

Tire Pressure Monitoring Systems (TPMS) Integration and its benefits 

Tyres are a leading cause of breakdowns, and maintaining optimal pressure not only improves safety but also extends tyre life, reducing overall maintenance costs. This is why the adoption of Tire Pressure Monitoring Systems (TPMS) is recommended for fleet operators seeking comprehensive tyre pressure management.  TPMS integration allows fleets to efficiently monitor and manage tyre pressures, resulting in enhanced fuel efficiency and cost savings. 

The commercial benefits of maintaining optimal tyre pressures extend beyond safety considerations. Monitoring tyres at correct pressure levels can lead to improved fuel efficiency, presenting a substantial cost-saving opportunity for businesses, especially in the context of fluctuating fuel costs. The incorporation of efficient walkaround checks, low-cost checkers, and TPMS contributes to a holistic approach to fleet management, balancing safety, and cost-effectiveness. 

The development of low-cost high-tech solutions addresses concerns surrounding tyre pressure management during walkaround inspections in a neutral and practical manner. Whether businesses choose these specific systems or similar technologies, the integration of efficient tyre pressure monitoring stands as a vital step for modern fleet management, promoting both safety and cost-effectiveness. 

To learn more about Tire Pressure Monitoring Systems and how it can be implemented in your fleet, watch WheelySafe's free webinar