In a significant move aimed at fostering excellence and innovation within the transport engineering sector, Imperial Engineering returns as a key sponsor for the prestigious 2024 IRTE Skills Challenge.


Imperial Engineering, a leading supplier of spare parts and solutions to the bus and coach industry, brings a wealth of expertise and dedication to the competition. With a focus on delivering high-quality components and services that keep fleets operating at peak performance, Imperial Engineering has established itself as a trusted partner for operators seeking reliability and efficiency. 

By returning as a sponsor of the IRTE Bus & Coach Skills Challenge, Imperial Engineering underscores its deep-rooted support for initiatives that nurture talent and drive innovation within the transport engineering community. This sponsorship aligns seamlessly with Imperial Engineering's ethos of investing in the future of the industry by empowering skilled professionals and encouraging continuous improvement. 

Imperial Engineering, who celebrates their 60th anniversary this year, has been a long-standing advocate of ‘home grown’ talent supporting technician apprenticeships. Teams can enter apprentice, qualified or both categories. Challenges will range across bodywork, mechanical and electrical, and there are 16 awards to win at the July Award Ceremony! 

The partnership between Imperial Engineering and the IRTE Skills Challenge represents a union founded on shared values of excellence, innovation, and continuous learning.

As the 2024 IRTE Skills Challenge approaches, participants, spectators, and industry stakeholders alike can anticipate an event that will not only showcase exceptional talent but also underscore the transformative impact of collaborative partnerships. Together, they are poised to champion the next generation of transport engineers and technicians, paving the way for a safer, more efficient future in public transport. 

Want to get involved in the Skills Challenge as a sponsor? Get in touch with us at [email protected]  

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