Discover the champions driving safety, sustainability, and resilience in our industries. Join us as we celebrate their groundbreaking innovations and unwavering dedication at this year's highly anticipated event

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  • This year introduces four new awards, highlighting individuals, teams, and organisations pioneering innovative solutions in engineering. 
  • Nominations offer extensive recognition and benefits, including coverage in prominent publications, opportunities for professional development, and networking. 
  • Engineers are encouraged to apply and showcase their excellence in shaping a safer and more resilient future for all

Engineers are the backbone of progress, tirelessly working to ensure the safety, sustainability,and resilience of our infrastructure and industries. At the heart of this vital work lies operations engineering, the cornerstone of which without safety falters and vulnerabilities arise. In recognition of these unsung heroes, the Society of Operations Engineers is proud to announce the return of the safety awards – the 2024 edition is titled Safety & Resilience in Engineering Awards. 

This year, the awards shine a spotlight on two crucial themes: safety and resilience. As we navigate an ever-changing landscape fraught with unpredictable challenges, it is imperative that we fortify our businesses and communities against these elements while fostering resilience to pave the way for a safer future. The 2024 awards seek to honour and celebrate the individuals, teams, visionaries, and organisations who have spearheaded groundbreaking technologies and innovative solutions to propel our industries forward. 

Awards are free to enter and are open to members and non-members. SOE aims to celebrate the advancements of the wider engineering community and is opening up this year’s awards to everyone. The 2024 edition also introduced a number of new categories to shine the spotlight on the themes of resilience and safety with additions such as ‘Helix’ awards and safety categories such as safety specialist and safety innovation awards. Awards are split between individuals and company categories – with ample opportunities for teams, leaders, organisations and projects to show off the work they’ve been doing over the past year to drive engineering forward.  

Check out this year’s categories.

The entry process has been made simpler this year through online submissions and a dedicated FAQ with tips and advice on crafting an impactful entry.  

For award enquiries, get in touch with [email protected].  



Helix Award  


Environmental Engineer of the Year  

Road Transport Engineer of the Year  

Plant Engineer of the Year  

Engineer Surveyor of the Year  

SOE Volunteer of the Year  

Future Leader  

Safety Specialist Award of the Year 


Engineering Company of the Year  

Safety Innovation of the Year  

People Development Champion  


SOE Region of the Year 

Why Should You Apply? 

All shortlisted nominations will be invited to a gala dinner in October for an afternoon of celebration and networking accompanied by a three-course meal and drinks. Don’t miss this chance to be part of a prestigious event that recognises and celebrates the outstanding contributions of engineers in shaping a safer and more resilient future for all. 

Shortlisted entries get esteemed recognition for your exceptional work and achievements by one of the leading professional engineering institutions. Your accomplishments will garner extensive coverage through press releases and social media channels across SOE’s publications, ensuring widespread visibility, including a prominent feature in the renowned Transport Engineer and Operations Engineer magazines. 

Your contributions will be documented through case studies and content creation, which in turn will bolster your profile within the industry and secure a lasting legacy within SOE’s archives for future reference. As a nominee, you will also have the exclusive opportunity to contribute to various other SOE initiatives, granting access to speaking engagements for Continuing Professional Development (CPD) webinars and videos, which will be prominently promoted across the broader membership base. 

This comprehensive suite of benefits not only elevates your professional standing but also solidifies your integral role within the engineering community. By entering the awards, you earn an unparalleled opportunity to showcase your excellence and become an esteemed member of the growing SOE community. 

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