A technical lecture for the Teesside and Thames Valley centres revealed the types of maintenance standard shortcomings found at DVSA roadside inspections and MOT inspections of vehicles and trailers.

DVSA vehicle examiner and IRTE Northern Centre Honorary Secretary Neil Mitchell delivered his presentation, entitled ‘Was that avoidable’, to a packed lecture theatre at both venues.

Aided by video clips and photographs, Neil displayed the numerous defects on vehicles and trailers that were due to failed components, poor workmanship, and inadequate maintenance systems or poor driver daily inspections.

The audience was encouraged to discuss the defects during the presentation and give their professional opinions on what actions could have been implemented to reduce the risk of the failings occurring.

Neil completed the first part of his presentation by speaking about training, professional qualifications and the type of accreditations that are available to the transport industry and its maintenance personnel. In particular, he spoke about irtec licencing, IRTE Workshop Accreditation and Engineering Council registration.

In the second part of Neil’s presentation in Teesside, he showed the audience some examples of transport operators from the area, many of which are no longer in business, but represent part of the region’s road transport history.