Skills Challenge sponsor BAE Systems at forefront of technology revolution.

Apprentices learning

Disruptive technology that is changing the face of the vehicle industry will help to attract a more diverse workforce to the bus and coach sector, according to Skills Challenge sponsor BAE Systems.        

A large-scale apprenticeship programme has been set-up at BAE Systems to ensure a diverse group of young engineers can be trained to understand emerging technology.

“Right now, we’re in a disruptive market environment where big changes are happening. We need people with an appreciation of those changes and who are keen to learn and adapt” said Andrew Ashby, BAE Systems Business Development Manager.

Andrew is encouraged that the skills profile of vehicle engineers in the UK is already broadening and the BAE apprenticeship programme, which actively encourages ‘fresh minds,’ is really starting to benefit. Its approach is likely to inspire people from all backgrounds and provide the greater diversity that all workforces need in order to prosper.

“Now, to test and maintain vehicles it requires skills with laptops and with software tools. We want to be engaging with young engineers who are aware of the disruptive technologies and our aim is to attract people into the industry who are comfortable to operate in that environment and who are trained from the early days with an understanding of those processes.

“It’s extremely important to foster and secure the best industry skills and the Skills Challenge aligns perfectly with the development of young people at BAE Systems,” added Andrew.