Fleetcare Maintenance and Mammoet the latest companies to accredit their technicians to the irtec standard.

Mammoet fire truck

East-Yorkshire-based Woldsway Training has developed a winning formula to its irtec accreditations by offering assessments that fit around the client’s shift patterns.

Recent accreditations at Fleetcare Maintenance in Stockport and Mammoet in Stockton-on-Tees were completed with the least amount of disruption to the client’s normal service.

Nigel Powley, Woldsway Managing Director, said: “We fit in with anyone’s shift pattern, so if they’ve got night-time staff, rather than bring them in in the day when they’re on a rest period, we will go and do the irtec assessment during the evening, early mornings or afternoons – whatever suits the client. Our ethos is to try and minimise the impact of the assessment while giving the technicians the chance to show that they are competent.”

Woldsway offers its clients a short refresher programme, followed by the online test and the practical examination. It has easy access to the north of England and Scotland and takes bookings for the whole of the UK.

“Fleet Care Maintenance had two new candidates. We start with a chat with the candidates about their role, experience, and their understanding or the irtec process. They knew that it’s a check on your current level of knowledge. They were happy to take the test and to be given a five-year licence when they both passed,” said Nigel.

“In the motor industry it’s not uncommon for employees to go from college to retirement without doing any other courses. irtec assessments are made every five years to make sure the technicians are competent in their role.”

Accrediting technicians at Mammoet was a different proposition for Nigel and his team. Being a large freight and crane organisation, the vehicles are not subject to the same regulations as standard large commercial vehicles.

“They want to demonstrate to their customers that their technicians know what they’re doing. The essential inspection is basically the same and we’re still looking at the chassis of the vehicle: engine, suspension, steering and brakes. What goes on top isn’t subject to the irtec side,” added Nigel.

For more information on Woldsway Training, go to: woldsway-training.co.uk