The project aims to raise awareness of road safety and fund charity Brake for future campaigns.

Wheely-Safe has pledged to make a cash donation for every van, bus, coach or truck that displays its ‘Wheely-Safe fitted’ vinyl graphic.

The wheel and tyre safety technology firm will gift road safety charity Brake £5 for every light commercial vehicle (LCV) and £10 for every heavy goods vehicle (HGV) or public service vehicle (PSV) carrying the sticker. All its new systems will be supplied with the sticker.

The technologies, which protect against wheel loss, brake and hub overheating, and tyre under-inflation, limit safety risk and financial damage.

Steve Jackson, Managing Director of Wheely-Safe, said: “A customer asked us about supplying a vinyl for their vehicles after we’d finished an installation. We loved the idea, but we decided to link it with a commitment to a charitable donation.

“We’ll print as many of the vinyl graphics as we sell kits for the next 12 months, and we hope to raise as much money for Brake as possible.”

Joshua Harris, Director of Campaigns at Brake, said: “This is a fantastic initiative from Wheely-Safe, promoting the importance of tyre safety while helping Brake support crash victims and campaign for safer roads. Properly maintained vehicles are absolutely vital for safe roads, so we’re delighted to be working with Wheely-Safe who are pioneers in tyre safety.”

Wheely-Safe received a commendation in the SOE’s 2017 Sir Moir Lockhead Safety Award for a device, marketed by Michelin, which sends a radio signal to the driver if a wheel comes lose on a vehicle.