SOE has approved the CPD of a new CV training course from MWheels, a wheel selection, fitting, maintenance, and compliance specialist.

The wheel awareness and security fleet training programme will be coordinated by prominent industry instructor, Phil Thirsk, formerly of tyre manufacturer Bridgestone.

SOE has identified the training programme as worthy of CPD approval. It is consistent with the SOE approach of selecting exceptional educational schemes that meet high standards.

SOE Chief Operating Officer Daniel Moir said: “We are delighted to approve the CPD for this important training course. SOE is a professional engineering institution which works to improve safety standards and establish best practice in the road transport sector, so we are thrilled to be involved in a programme that has the same objectives.”

A change to EU law, which now categorises wheels as a safety-critical item, has given training providers renewed optimism that the dangers associated with wheels on commercial and passenger carrying vehicles will be taken more seriously. The announcement came shortly after a wheel came loose from a lorry on the M6 and crashed through the windscreen of an oncoming car.

Phil Thirsk said: “The course is designed to deliver the most comprehensive wheel education skills in the UK, looking at every aspect of the wheel and surrounding parts to not only improve safety and minimise wheel loss incidents but also to advance product and performance knowledge.”

The announcement comes weeks after Maintec, the exhibition dedicated to maintenance and asset management (30-31 October 2019, NEC) confirmed that its seminar and conference programme would be CPD-approved by SOE.

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