Global leader in vehicle safety and efficiency presents to regional group its innovative solutions, global capability and a commitment to excellence.


Electronic braking systems provider Wabco delivered the first CPD lecture of the year to the Hull & East Yorkshire centre in January.

Hull Wabco.jpg

Technical Field Engineer Martin Morris told the audience how Wabco’s advanced technology systems – which includes anti-lock braking systems (ABS), electronic braking systems (EBS) and electronic stability controls (ESC) – improves vehicle safety and efficiency.


Wabco is also a supplier of stability, suspension, and transmission automation systems for commercial vehicles and buses. Its new OPTI systems for trailers help operators monitor tyre pressure, while reverse sensors, load monitoring systems and emergency braking can further reduce potential accidents, fuel costs and emissions.

Telematics systems allow operators to collect and monitor data that can enable better fleet management, the audience were told, by transmitting real-time information to the back office.


The Hull & East Yorkshire regional group regularly hosts technical lectures from a wide range of road transport businesses, and on a variety of subject matters.

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