Updated document is a result of industry wide consultation and review.

SAFed has updated its advisory document on the supplementary tests of in-service lifts after consultation with various parties within the sector.

The revised issue four document will provide safety guidance and serves as best practice in respect of supplementary testing in support of thorough examinations.

The comprehensive review of the last issued document, dated 2009, is a major re-write, overseen by Vince Sharpe representing SAFed and Nick Mellor from Lift & Escalator Industry Association (LEIA).  

Society member and former BES professional sector Chair Vince said: “The document needed to be reviewed to reflect changes in regulations and build standards, while also considering the safety and technological progress of lift equipment.

“The main use of the document is to support the Lifting Operations and Lifting Equipment Regulations (LOLER) thorough examination. The document gives details on supplementary testing in support of the thorough examination. Thorough examination scopes are usually written by individual inspection companies, but this particular document review is one that has sought the input of several parties through two industry technical committees,” added Vince.

Integral to the new guidelines is the role of the ‘competent person’, employed by the owner of the lift. It is the competent person who will use their engineering judgement, aided by the guidance document, to complete the thorough examination and report any concerns.

Major revisions to the last issued document include new sections for Unintended Carrier Movement Protection (UCMP), automatic power operated doors and an open format section for other supplementary tests. Significant changes have been made to the guidance on the safety gear system, and traction brake and levelling, while minor modifications were made to the guidance on periodicities.

The document recommends stronger guidance for owners to retain records of the supplementary test and report from the thorough examination, to be made available to the competent person and copied to the lift maintenance company.

The membership organisation SAFed represents the interests of companies engaged in independent inspection and safety assessment of engineering and manufacturing plant, systems and machinery.

The full document can be found at: safed.co.uk and leia.co.uk