Barry completed 26-mile barrow push round his garden in Swindon.

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Long-serving Society member Barry Illing has spent his working day on the front-line throughout the Covid-19 pandemic by doing sample vehicle compliance checks on food delivery trucks.

But Barry took a day off from vehicle compliance on St George’s day this year to raise money for the NHS by completing a 26-mile barrow push round his garden in Swindon.

Beginning at 4am, 65-year-old Barry completed 930 laps around a 45-metre oval circuit in his garden at 4.45pm.

Four years ago, Barry suffered severe burns to his hands and arms from a workshop fire. He wanted to show his appreciation for the treatment and care he received during the two weeks he spent in the burns’ unit.

Barry said: “I was in agony for months and the NHS angels not only treated me but gave me the hope and comfort factor that all would be well if I did as I was told. I owe the NHS big time for my recovery.”

Roadfleet Forte Ltd was proud to sponsor company director Barry for his fundraising, which has now raised over £1000. A lifelong supporter of Swindon speedway, Barry wore a replica retro Robins race jacket on the barrow walk and his bulldog companion was dressed in a union jack waistcoat.

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Back in his day job, Barry and his employers have had to adapt to new working guidelines for Covid-19, based on government and Public Health England instructions. Social distancing is always maintained, and antibacterial wipes, soap and hand washing facilities are accessible from the service van.

Potential mechanical problems that could cause a breakdown and could lead to a disruption in the delivery food chain during Covid-19, are also being investigated by Barry and the team.

Barry’s fundraising page can be found on the JustGiving website.