Amidst societal norms, Emma found her engineering spark at TIP Trailers, defying stereotypes with hands-on dedication, proving passion knows no gender in a field where every challenge fuels a remarkable career shift.

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Emma Moriarty’s journey into the world of engineering wasn't a typical one. Her path began amidst the hustle and bustle of office operations at Ryder and TIP Trailers. Initially, she navigated the intricacies of parts handling and oversaw the tasks of engineers, gaining valuable insights into the world that would soon reignite the passion within her. 

Despite societal expectations that steered girls away from technical fields, a spark ignited within Emma. The problem-solving thrill of each challenge and the tangible impact of engineering drew attention to the practical side of the company. Fortunately, TIP Trailers, with its unwavering commitment to diversity and defying stereotypes, provided the ground for her aspirations to become a reality. 

The TIP Academy became Emma's catalyst for change. Seizing the opportunity with unwavering determination, she plunged into the challenging yet deeply rewarding world of hands-on engineering. Each day was a crucible, forging her dedication and hard work into the bedrock of her remarkable career shift. 

For Emma, the allure of engineering lies in its perpetual learning curve. In this dynamic field, guidelines are ever evolving, and every day brings something new. Emma expresses gratitude for her supportive colleagues who played a crucial role in her learning process. The satisfaction of a hands-on role and the tangible results achieved daily are what keep her passionate about her work. Her supportive colleagues, ever-ready mentors in her learning journey, deserve a resounding applause. The tangible satisfaction of her hands-on role, the daily realisation of her efforts in concrete outcomes, fuelled her passion like a never-ending ember. 

Emma thanks George Haywood FSOE, Workshop Manager at Lichfield, for recognising her potential and applying on her behalf to join the Society of Operations Engineers (SOE).

According to Emma, engineering is an ideal career for those seeking both physical and mental challenges. Every day brings a different set of tasks, ensuring a continuous learning process. Emma’s journey is a testament to the fact that gender should never be a barrier in the engineering industry. Emma encourages aspiring engineers to dive into the field, emphasising the immense satisfaction and fulfilment it brings. 


Emma’s story serves as an inspiration for aspiring engineers, especially women, showcasing that passion, perseverance, and the right opportunities can break down barriers and lead to a successful and fulfilling career in engineering. 

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