With excitement ramping up for the return of the Safety and Resilience Awards we delve into why this year's awards are unmissable.

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In today's rapidly developing world, engineers like you play a pivotal role in shaping the future. You are the unsung heroes behind the technologies and infrastructures that drive modern society. With engineering contributing to £646bn to the UK economy, equating to 32% of the total economic output of the UK, your work is critical to all aspects of our lives. From ensuring the safety of our bridges to developing sustainable energy solutions, engineers contribute significantly to societal progress and well-being. Recognising and celebrating your contributions is crucial, which is why entering prestigious awards such as SOE's Safety and Sustainability Award 2024 is of paramount importance. 

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Entering the Safety and Sustainability Awards 2024 offers numerous benefits for both engineering businesses and individual engineers.  

It’s a premium opportunity to highlight exemplary projects and practices you’ve been developing, setting benchmarks for safety and sustainability. By bringing these innovations to the spotlight through the awards, you will be encouraging the entire industry to adopt higher standards and continuously improve. Recognising innovative solutions motivates others in the industry to think creatively and pursue groundbreaking ideas, driving engineering forward.  Shortlisted entries will enter SOE’s archives as a case study or article leaving a legacy and a reference to future engineers.  

For individual engineers, winning or even being shortlisted for the SOE awards can significantly boost your career and elevate your profile in the sector. As well as being recognised by one of the leading professional engineering institutions, your work will also be recognised with extensive press coverage and media highlights featured across our networks.  The process of preparing an award submission often involves critical reflection on your work, fostering personal and professional growth.   

All shortlisted entries will be invited to the awards in October which is another prime opportunity for networking with industry leaders and peers. Increased visibility within the industry opens doors to new opportunities, collaborations, and projects, and can lead to invitations to speak at conferences, publish articles, or take on leadership roles. And what’s more? Recognition through awards boosts morale and motivation, encouraging you to continue striving for excellence. Not to mention, you will also gain access to community initiatives and opportunities for speaking engagements, allowing you to share your wealth of knowledge and expertise with a wider audience. 

Entry deadline is 15th July. To help guide you, we’ve put together a dedicated FAQs.  

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Individual categories 

Helix award 

The prestigious Helix title honours organisations or leaders who have shown exceptional resilience during challenging times. Entries should showcase examples of flexibility, agility, adaptability, and resilience in the face of internal or industry challenges.  

Judges seek a clear breakdown of the challenge, the steps taken to overcome it, how the crisis was navigated, and the positive impact of the measures implemented. 

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Individual Category - Environmental Engineer of the Year 

This award is open to all disciplines of engineering and environmental industries. Entries should demonstrate their contribution to sustainable development by building a sustainable society, exercising responsible judgment and professional leadership, adhering to and challenging legislation and codes of practice, efficiently using resources, collaborating on sustainability challenges, and minimising adverse impacts while maximising benefits to society and the environment.

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Individual Category - Road Transport Engineer of the Year 

This award is open to professionals in the Heavy Goods Vehicle or Bus & Coach industry who excel in problem-solving, vehicle safety, and inspection. Candidates should have extensive technical and regulatory knowledge, and be multi-skilled in electrical, mechanical, diagnostics, and inspection. These experts take preventive measures to ensure the safety of vehicles, drivers, and the public. 

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Individual Category - Plant Engineer of the Year 

This award honours plant engineers who have made exceptional contributions to plant, services, or facilities engineering. Entries should demonstrate how the candidate improved the maintenance and operational efficiency of fixed or mobile machine assets, ensuring they meet exacting safety standards and perform at their best throughout their operational life. 

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Individual Category - Engineer Surveyor of the Year 

This award celebrates Engineer Surveyors who promote a strong health and safety culture in the workplace. Entries should showcase the candidate’s professional approach in conducting inspections of various plant and equipment within their discipline (lift & crane, pressure mechanical, LEV, power press). Candidates should also demonstrate their expertise in preparing and submitting detailed examination reports and assisting clients in complying with essential health and safety legislation. 

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Individual Category - Safety Specialist of the Year 

The Safety Specialist Award honours individuals who excel in safety initiatives, innovation, invention, or leadership. Entrants must demonstrate professionalism in preventing safety incidents and delivering measurable safety improvements, whether within their company or across their industry.

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Engineers are indispensable to the advancement of society, contributing to safety, sustainability, innovation, and economic growth. Make sure your contributions are recognised through the Safety and Sustainability Awards 2024, they are essential for both professional growth and the growth of the industry as a whole. 

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