The final IRTE Northern Centre CPD lecture of the season was given to 21 members and guests by Intellitec Technical Director Paul Smith and Chris Sharpe, Test & Warranty Manager.

The subject for the lecture was LiFePO4 battery technology, application and remote monitoring systems. The speakers began by explaining the different types of available batteries and the advantages gained by the fitting of lithium ion phosphate batteries against conventional lead acid batteries. Lower unit weight, longer life span, reduced heat generation, improved discharge and the ability to maintain a usable working power are among the benefits.

The use of the batteries as additional power units was covered next, as the speakers explained the company’s role working alongside suppliers to the emergency services, whose vehicles are reliant on power packs to work additional lighting systems and life-saving equipment.

These vehicles are now being equipped so that remote monitoring (BMS - Battery Monitoring Systems) of the units can be made by both the operator and Intelitec to reduce down time or possible charging issues that may lead to unit failures.

Recycling and power banks were subjects covered in the final part of the evening’s presentation. The speakers explained the second life application of automotive batteries, from first generation full electric vehicles in power banks and charging systems. These can be remotely managed and operated for the re-charge of road vehicles and in industrial and agricultural industries when the National Grid is not an option for power supply.

An informative question and answer session completed the evening before the Hon. Secretary Corneilius Mitchell thanked the speakers for their presentation on behalf of the centre.