DVSA records video interview and webinar for SOE members.

In November, we were joined by DVSA Earned Recognition National Account Manager Phil Breen to talk about the progress being made with the scheme in identifying non-compliant vehicle operators.

Phil talked about how the scheme aims to free up resources previously taken up by road-side vehicle checks, and to reward operators that remain compliant by allowing them the freedom to monitor their own high standards by recording and sharing their data with DVSA.

Moving towards a more collaborative approach to maintaining vehicle standards has proved to be difficult for some operators, said Phil, but now that there is a higher level of understanding of the scheme, the benefits are becoming clear for the whole industry.

For many operators, it gives them an achievable target, said Phil, and it helps to raise standards across the sector. During the pandemic DVSA launched a new HS2 module and introduced an exemption for MOT tests for all vehicles and trailers in the Earned Recognition scheme.