Compak Ramps-designed screens give full protection against spread of Covid-19.

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Protective screens have been fitted to more than 100 London buses to prevent the spread of Covid-19 to front-line bus drivers.

Truck Align London Ltd was approached by a London bus operator to adapt its driver assault screens for protection against Coronavirus.

Given a brief for the screen to create a sealed environment for the driver’s safety, Truck Align enlisted the help of Compak Ramps to design and construct a completely new screen and frame using the customer’s specified materials.

The first screen was installed on the Wright Gemini 2 vehicle in July and following a successful review from the customer in August, began operating with the adapted cabin shortly after. Two weeks later the screen was approved for use in the Gemini 3 vehicle.

Vehicle modification took place after-hours to maximise the number of buses fitted per shift. Now, a total of 116 vehicles in the fleet have been transformed with the protective screens, while other vehicles in the fleet have been fitted with similar products from other suppliers.

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