Andy Waddington of Spillard Vehicle Safety Systems presented the IRTE Northern Centre’s May Continuing Professional Development (CPD) event. 

Andy began with an insight into the company, which is based in Wolverhampton, and recently celebrated 30 years in operation. He explained the products that Spillard markets and the support it gives to the road transport and construction industry with data handling, video telematics, live monitoring and vehicle safety management systems.

Making use of video and visual aids, he showed the equipment presently used to facilitate the platforms available to reduce risk. This included generating safety zones around a moving or stationary vehicle with detection systems, warning aids for the driver, multiple recording of images and transfer of data in risk alerts. 

The session also covered In-cab safety and driver alertness as Andy described how the company has developed a system called Driver Status Monitor (DSM). DSM is a driving auxiliary warning system based on machine vision technology which can detect a driver with an abnormal driving status. The system can detect fatigue, distraction, smoking and making a phone call while driving. The intelligent algorithm analysis will sound an alert if a driver shows signs of fatigue, which will continue if they persist in driving.

An in-depth question and answer session rounded off the presentation before IRTE Northern Centre committee member Tom Reed thanked Andy for his informative presentation.