BYD, an emerging leader in electric bus manufacturing, proudly announces its sponsorship for the 2024 IRTE Bus & Coach Skills Challenge. 

Skills Challenge 2024 Day4_ 3481.jpg

Founded in 1995, BYD (Build Your Dreams) has grown from a small battery manufacturer into a global powerhouse in electric vehicles and renewable energy solutions. As a key player in electric mobility, BYD’s sponsorship of the 12th IRTE Skills Challenge aligns with its mission to foster innovation and excellence in the transport sector. 

Through this partnership, BYD aims to inspire and motivate professionals to reach new heights in their careers while promoting sustainable transport solutions. 

The 2024 IRTE Bus & Coach Skills Challenge serves as a premier platform for showcasing the exceptional skills of bus and coach professionals across the UK. Following the successful testing week, which showcased an unprecedented calibre of competitors, all eyes are now on the Awards. The judges will review the scores and announce the winners on July 11th at the British Motor Museum. 

Award categories include: 

  • Bodywork Apprentice 
  • Electric Driveline Apprentice 
  • Electrical Apprentice 
  • Mechanical Apprentice 
  • Mechelec 
  • Outstanding Apprentice Team 
  • DVSA Inspection Apprentice Award 
  • DVSA Inspection Technician Award 
  • Bodywork Technician 
  • Electrical Technician 
  • Electric Driveline Technician 
  • Mechanical Technician 
  • Master Technician 
  • Outstanding Qualified Team 
  • Philip Margrave Memorial Award for Outstanding Achievement 
  • Judges' Choice 

BYD’s sponsorship of the 2024 IRTE Bus & Coach Skills Challenge is a significant step towards driving the future of the transport industry. By supporting this event, BYD is investing in the skills and talents that will propel the industry forward, ensuring a robust and innovative future for public transportation. 

With the testing week completed, competitors, sponsors and the industry alike are looking forward to the gathering on 11th July where the winners and participants will be honoured. This event not only celebrates individual and team achievements but also highlights the importance of leadership and continuous learning and development in maintaining high standards in the bus and coach industry.