North West England



On this page you can view the contact details of our regional officers, a list of our upcoming events and the latest news from the region/centre.

North West England

An Audience with the Traffic Commissioner

27th Sep 2018

Simon Evans will be delivering the presentation in relation to his role of Traffic Commissioner for the North West.

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Modern Goods Vehicle EBS & ABS Systems

25th Oct 2018

Brian Lonsdale will give a CPD lecture on EBS and ABS braking systems that are fitted to modern commercial vehicles.

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Annual Dinner Dance at Barton Grange Hotel

17th Nov 2018

Northern centre's annual dinner dance.

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Diagnostic Systems & Equipment

31st Jan 2019

Roger Tasker & Richard Parkin of Eclipse Automotive Technology Ltd will present a CPD lecture on the Jaltest Software.

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Annual General Meeting and Transformer Moves Presentation

28th Feb 2019

A presentation on Collett and Sons Heavy Haulage will follow the Northern centre's Annual General Meeting.

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Electra Commercial Vehicles

28th Mar 2019

The range of Electra Commercial Vehicles will be presented and explained by Sid Sadique.

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Renault Trucks

25th Apr 2019

John Avery will give a CPD presentation on the Renault Trucks range and their future developments.

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Coach to the 2019 CV Show

30th Apr 2019

Coach to and from the Commercial Vehicle show.

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Site visit at Veolia Material Recovery Facility

30th May 2019

Members and guests are invited to attend the Veolia Material Recovery Facility at Walton near Liverpool. Please click for more information.

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Mobile Power Lithium Batteries with Remote Monitoring

27th Jun 2019

Presentation will be delivered by Paul Smith from Intellitec.

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The final CPD presentation lecture for the IRTE Northern Centre before the summer break was conducted by Mark Davies of Transport Law specialists Backhouse Jones.

IRTE Northern Centre visit TEXA Headquarters at Nelson

31st May 2018

Organiser: Centre

Members and guests of the Northern Centre attended the main UK offices and training centre of TEXA, a leading supplier of diagnostic equipment suitable for a wide range of vehicles and equipment in May.

PSV lecture for IRTE Northern Centre

21st May 2018

Organiser: Centre

The IRTE Northern Centre April CPD presentation was given by 3 generations of the Aspinall family who gave an informative lecture on the history and operations of Holmeswood coaches and B.A.S.E. limited.

Schmitz Cargobull presents to IRTE Northern Centre

6th Apr 2018

Organiser: Centre

The March CPD lecture for the IRTE Northern Centre was given by Stephen Mallett and Simon Mols of Schmitz Cargobull on new innovations.

Engineering Endeavours at IRTE Northern Centre

5th Mar 2018

Organiser: Centre

Following the Annual General Meeting in February the IRTE Northern Centre were honoured to welcome back former Hon. Chairman and committee member David L Rimmer, who gave a presentation to the 46 members and guests present titled Engineering Endeavours.

Committee members


John Haworth EngTech MSOE MIRTE
Telephone – day: 01254 581 727

Hon Treasurer

Michael Sweetmore EngTech MSOE MIRTE LCGI
Telephone – day: 0845 112 0 999

Hon Secretary

C Mitchell EngTech MSOE MIRTE LCGI
Telephone – day: 07715 321 682

Northern Centre

25th Feb 2016

The IRTE Northern Centre was founded in 1948 and the majority of its activities are based in the central Lancashire area. The centre has an active committee of 13 members with a wide variety of experience in road transport including vehicle technicians, fleet engineers, workshop controllers, retired truck sales managers, and a DVSA enforcement examiner.