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Utilising Digital Twin technology

Join us for this webinar from Cintoo on utilising Digital Twin technology. The seminar will explore how best to use collected data and 3D point cloud information and how this unlocks collaboration and improved performance.

Vehicle safety products

IRTE Northern present a CPD presentation on vehicle safety products.

SOE member Ricky Schembri MBE receives special award for attending all MS Motorservice’s training webinars

MS Motorservice has a long-running series of SOE webinars.

Surface Preparation - It's a blast!

So what exactly is industry's hang-up with surface preparation? Unfortunately, it's that the process doesn't add any value to the finished component. However, ignoring this important operation is likely to be a very costly decision, if it jeopardises the optimum adhesion conditions required for subsequent coating operations.

We need your views

We are looking to find even more ways that IRTE members can make the most of benefits the Society has to offer – plus we're offering you the chance to win a £100 Amazon voucher to hear your views.

What lies beneath

Presentations at a recent seminar revealed the enormity of the tasks to be addressed if carbon capture and sequestration is ever to become a reality.

White Paper takes fresh look at tackling atmospheric CO2

A new research paper from the Society takes a fresh look at some of the steps currently being taken to tackle global warming – and warns that some of them do not lower the amount of atmospheric CO2 and often, in fact, increase it.

Vauxhall returns to the Commercial Vehicle Show with world premiere of all-electric Combo-E and Movano-E

Movano-e and Combo-e will make their global debut at the Commercial Vehicle Show.

Technician and apprentice excellence hailed at IRTE Skills Challenge 2022

Bumper year for First Bus engineers

Editor's View

John Parry, irtec steering group chair, states: “The driver shortage is well documented. No one mentions the technician shortage.”

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