Engineering is a career with unlimited possibilities.

Research by EngineeringUK predicts 173,000 new engineering and technology jobs in the UK by 2030. Engineering is set to boom in the coming years, with ample opportunities open to those aiming to advance their careers.  

Our 'Pathways to Progress’ guide is your roadmap to infinite opportunities - whether you're progressing upwards or diversifying into new disciplines or sectors. Crafted by a consortium of industry experts spanning various sectors, this meticulously curated guide serves as a comprehensive tool aiding in career progression and unlocking fresh opportunities within the engineering field. 

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What's included in this guide: 

  • Skills for Career Progression 
  • Possibilities within Engineering 
  • Engineering Job Titles to Help with Your Job Search 
  • Routes to Professional Registration  
  • CPD in Engineering
  • Getting into Management & Leadership 
  • Worksheet  

Plus a number of real-life case studies from engineers who’ve pioneered uncharted routes. 

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