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Incoming SOE President Howard Seymour on CPD value

11th Apr 2017

In our second installment on Continuing Professional Development, incoming SOE President Howard Seymour talks about the influence of CPD and how it can help fulfil your professional potential.

“From my experience, engineers are very curious, and always wanting to find ways of improving their knowledge and upgrade their skills. CPD is the best way of making that happen,” said Howard.

Due to the nature of engineering, which places considerable emphasis on safety standards, having employees who, for example, can operate the latest heavy machinery, is an absolute necessity and Howard is confident CPD can help towards achieving just that.

Howard said: “Personally it enables me to stay on top of my day job. In all forms of engineering, including project management & leadership, the role is constantly changing, so to keep up-to-date is now more important than ever.”

“You can go to work related lectures, forums, conferences. There are journals to read and networking events to attend. It all counts towards your professional development,” he says.

Whilst it is true that managers may not have as much time to lend to CPD, Howard says that as soon as you find a system that suits your schedule, it can be done with the appropriate level of effort.

“We want to help the younger generations as much as possible by making it as straight forward for them to continually improve their skills and knowledge. To do this, we want to find ways of facilitating that process. This could be done by the notification of a particular, suitable event, for example, before it happens. This would give the individual the chance to plan ahead,” says Howard.

“By making it personal and more applicable, there’s a greater likelihood it will help and support, and that’s what it’s designed to do.”

Before Howard takes up his presidency in June, the SOE will be working with Howard and our members to make CPD as straight forward and, importantly, beneficial for all.

If you would like to speak to someone for further advice on CPD, please email:

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