Who Should Join

SOE is a professional membership organisation that represents more than 16,000 individuals and companies in the engineering industry.

It supports and encourages best practice and health and safety initiatives, and is committed to the ongoing growth and personal development of its members, through specialist knowledge-sharing and professional learning.

SOE represents the Professional Sectors IRTE, IPlantE and BES. Whilst SOE has a collective and central role for its members, each of the Professional Sectors remains dedicated to developing the skills of its members in their specialist areas of activity.


SOE welcomes applications for membership from anyone interested in career development working in road transport, engineer surveying, plant engineering, the armed forces or those working within the sphere of operations engineering. Members gain valuable professional recognition and enjoy the support of a leading professional body as they develop their careers.

Benefiting you and your career

As an inclusive body SOE welcomes people from all fields of expertise and at all levels of attainment. Find out how SOE can benefit: