Membership FAQs


Applying for membership

Q. I’m interested in becoming a member, what do I need to do?

A. Follow these easy steps to membership to find out how to register and how to become a member.

Q. Can I join online?

A. Once you have registered on the website you can join online today. If you have any questions you can contact the membership department on 020 7630 6666 or

Q. What class of membership am I eligible for?

A. Each application is assessed on an individual basis by the Membership and Professional Standards Marking Panel. The panel take into account an applicant's skills, responsibilities and experience. Please provide as much information as you can to support your application - an updated CV and certificates in support of your application as a minimum. A class of membership will be awarded based on the information you provide.

Q. If I join online, how long until my membership is activated?

A. Once you have joined online your membership will be fully activated within one week. Once it has been activated you will then have full access to all members areas of the SOE website.

Q. If I submit a membership form instead of joining online, how long will I have to wait to learn what class of membership I have been awarded?

A. Upon receipt of your application you will receive confirmation detailing when your application will assessed by the Membership and Professional Standards Marking Panel. Once your application has been assessed, you can expect to hear from the Membership Team regarding the outcome within two weeks.

Q. Do you have a retired class of membership?

A. Yes. Retired members are eligible for a 50% discount on membership and registration fees. The criteria for applying are:

  • Held membership for a minimum of one year
  • Do not earn over £7,500.00 per annum (excluding pensions)

Retired application forms are available on request by contacting the membership department on 020 7630 6666 or

Q. I want to apply for a transfer/upgrade to a higher class of membership, how do I do this?

A. If you feel that you are now at a higher level of membership please download the membership upgrade form below and send it to the membership team at
SOE membership upgrade form [PDF - 136kB]

Q. I wish to apply for transfer to a higher class of membership. As I have already submitted photocopies of my qualifications do I need to forward copies again?

A. Yes. SOE retains membership applications for a period of 5 years. To transfer membership, you will need to provide current copies of your CV and certificates in support of your application.

Q. I pay my Engineering Council registration fees through another organisation; can I pay them through SOE instead?

A. Yes, if you’re a member of the SOE you can pay your Engineering Council fees through us. All you need to do is contact the membership department on 020 7630 6666 or to let us know and we will do the rest.

Q. I am emigrating overseas, can I remain in membership?

A. Yes. Some areas outside the UK have an active network of SOE members, visit Network for more details. Don’t forget, if you are moving abroad please remember to change your address details in My Profile or inform us so we can ensure that all correspondence is sent to your new address.

Q. My membership has lapsed, can I re-join the SOE?

A. Your membership can be reinstated within 3 years of lapsing. Thereafter you must re-apply.

Please note: Lapsed members are unable to join online. Please contact the membership department on 020 7630 6666 or

Q. How do I correct information SOE holds about me?

A. To view the information SOE holds about you, simply log into My Profile, accessed from My SOE. You can make changes to your personal details and preferences at any time. Alternatively contact us to update your details on 020 7630 6666 or

Q. How do I get a replacement card/certificate?

A. You can obtain a replacement membership card or certificate by contacting membership on 020 7630 6666 or alternatively email

The charge for a replacement membership card or certificate is £24 (each), to be paid by debit/credit card at the time of request.

Q. How do I find my nearest region or centre?

A. Visit the SOE Network to find your nearest regional centre, or alternatively you can contact the regional coordinator on or 020 7630 6666.

Engineering Council Registration

Q. How do I register with the Engineering Council?

A. Registration with the Engineering Council is based on an individual’s academic qualifications. In order to start the initial process, you will need to forward copies of your CV and academic qualifications. For further information please visit the Engineering Council FAQs page or contact

Subscription fees

Q. I can claim my subscription fees back from my company; can you provide a copy of my fees invoice?

A. Most companies will accept the renewal notice we send you at the end of the year, but we will be happy to provide a copy of a subscription invoice for you. Just contact us on 020 7630 6666 or Remember, if you pay by direct debit or credit/debit card you can use your statement as evidence of payment.

Q. What number do I call to pay my annual subscription fees?

A. 0845 0549 944 (calls charged at local rate for UK callers). This number is for subscription payments only.

Q. Can I pay online?

A. Yes, members can pay securely online at any time. Log in to My SOE and click on My Subscription.

Q. Can I get tax relief on my subscriptions?

A. You may be eligible for tax relief on your subscriptions. Visit the Tax Relief on subscriptions page for instructions.

CPC (Certificate of Professional Competence)

Q. I am interested in obtaining a CPC. Am I eligible to hold CPC through my membership to the SOE?

A. No. Unfortunately, as part of an EU Directive which came into force in 2000, new members are no longer eligible to hold a CPC licence through membership of the SOE/IRTE. Only existing IRTE members prior to 2000, depending on their class of membership, are entitled to hold a CPC licence through their membership. New members are now advised to sit the RSA CPC exam. For further details on the RSA CPC exam please ring 01223 552552.