Classes of membership

Reflecting achievement at each stage of your career

One of the primary aims of SOE is to help its members develop, therefore our membership classes are intended to reflect the achievements of members at each stage of their career.

The classes reflect the SOE's inclusive ethos, and range from Associate Member to Fellow. This also reflects the broad-reaching and multi-disciplinary nature of the industry and differing levels of industry experience.

The Membership and Professional Standards Committee, based on skills experience and qualifications, assess all membership applications submitted on an individual basis. Please note the following requirements are for guidance purposes only. You will be awarded post-nominal letters according to your class.

Membership classes and requirements

Awards (these grades cannot be applied for)

Honorary Fellow (HonFSOE)

A current member who has made a considerable contribution to engineering and to the aims of the Society can be nominated for an Honorary Fellowship.

Use the form below to nominate a member for an Honorary Fellowship:
SOE Honorary Fellowship form [PDF - 34kB]

Companion (CompanionSOE)

Awarded to a person of distinction in his or her field, who has rendered the Society a valuable service.

Members, Fellows and Honorary Fellows are ‘corporate’ classes and are entitled to vote and participate in elections to the Trustee Board and relevant Professional Sector Council.