Colin Davies, a vehicle engineer with Essex-based Flavin Consulting Ltd, recently gained his irtec licence. He talks about what accreditation means to him.

Colin was tested at the London Borough of Redbridge (LBR) facilities, where he has been based for the past three months on a consultancy basis. He is now accredited at Inspection Technician level for both LCVs and buses and coaches.

“I wanted to achieve an irtec licence as it’s a nationally recognised qualification to get under my belt. You can say to employers that you have 30 years’ of experience, but with an irtec licence, you can prove you are competent to current standards,” explains Colin, who has been with Flavin Consulting for the past five years and works with coaches, cars, and ambulances.

For Colin, the process of accreditation involved an online theoretical test in the morning, followed by a practical examination in the afternoon.

LBR performance and warranty manager John Russell explains how, compared to other irtec testing centres, LBR conducts irtec testing over a single day to reduce downtime and costs for clients, and with the presumption that candidates already possess the required knowledge prior to being tested.

For irtec assessments, LBR uses an assessor and an invigilator; in addition, when assessing their own candidates, an external, independent irtec consultant is used and the centre also provides assistance for candidates who may be daunted by the process.

“Testing was very thorough,” says Colin, who was informed that he’d passed his assessment on the day of the test. “Now that I have accreditation, I can prove to prospective clients, Traffic Commissioners, and future employers that I am competent in my role. LBR were a great help throughout, and having an irtec licence is a plus point in any technician’s repertoire.”

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