Professional Sectors

Representing engineers from a variety of disciplines

As part of its remit to develop Operations Engineering for the benefit of everyone, SOE directly promotes best practice and compliance in road transport, plant and engineer surveying.

As an inclusive body, SOE welcomes people from all fields of expertise and at all levels of attainment. SOE members gain definitive recognition of status and achievement as well as Continuing Professional Development, support throughout their career and access to professional registration with the Engineering Council and the Society for the Environment. Find out more about who should join SOE.

SOE currently supports more than 13,000 engineers and companies across three Professional Sectors:


IRTE (Institute of Road Transport Engineers) supports the professionalising of road transport through knowledge sharing, safety, skills and compliance. IRTE does this by supporting apprentices, technicians, workshop managers, fleet engineers and transport managers in the commercial vehicle and bus and coach sectors and the Armed Forces.

Institute of Road Transport EngineersIPlantE

IPlantE (Institute of Plant Engineers) promotes safe and environmentally sustainable plant engineering through education, training, study and research. IPlantE achieves this through working with engineers and technicians responsible for the design, procurement, operation and maintenance of plant and equipment assets used in industry, commerce, transport, utilities and the Armed Forces.

Institution of Plant EngineersBES

BES (Bureau of Engineer Surveyors) encourages best practice in engineer surveying through professionalism, guidance and life-long learning. BES’s area of influence covers engineer surveyors, building services engineers, technical health and safety professionals and those involved in engineering facilities.

Bureau of Engineer Surveyors