Charitable aims

SOE’s charitable status and aims

SOE is a Registered Charity and firmly promotes safe, efficient and environmentally sustainable Operations Engineering for the benefit of everyone. SOE champions engineering’s contribution to society, and supports and encourages standards of competence and best practice with a view to promoting public safety.

SOE’s charitable aims are:

(A) To improve and elevate the technical and general understanding, knowledge, skill and competence of persons engaged or desiring to be engaged in Operations Engineering or in any related employment, and the integrity and repute of the profession thereof;

(B) To promote and encourage the advancement of science, technology and practice, and inventions and improvements, in the field of Operations Engineering and any other related branches of engineering, and the dissemination and exchange of ideas, information and knowledge thereof;

(C) By means of (A) and (B) above, but without prejudice to the generality thereof, to promote the safety, efficiency and environmental sustainability of Operations Engineering to the benefit of the community at large.

SOE achieves this by:

  • Offering knowledge sharing and professional learning through technical information and advice via its website, magazines and technical events
  • Promoting Operations Engineering as a career path and supporting the Continuing Professional Development of those within the profession
  • Helping suitably qualified members register with the Engineering Council and the Society for the Environment
  • Pioneering and operating industry standards for safety and best practice.

SOE (Society of Operations Engineers)
22 Greencoat Place

Registered in England Company Number 3667147.
A Company Limited by Guarantee.
SOE is a Licensed Member of Engineering Council.
SOE Registered Charity Number 1081753.

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