irtec Licensing Scheme

What is irtec?

Independent technician accreditation
irtec is a renewable and voluntary accreditation scheme that assesses the safety and competence of technicians who maintain and repair vehicles in the commercial vehicle, trailer and passenger carrying industries.

Technicians who take the irtec assessment are assessed on their theoretical and practical skills and, if successful, are awarded an irtec licence.

Apply for irtec

If you would like to take the irtec assessment and get a licence, or would like to arrange for your technicians to do the same, the process is simple.

In order to apply you need to find an irtec-approved assessment centre located in your area and contact them directly.

irtec survey

If you have an irtec licence we’d appreciate a moment of your time to let us know how we can best support you throughout your membership. The survey will take five minutes and will help us maximise the support we give to engineering professionals like you, and help shape the future of road transport in the UK.
Click here to take the survey.

Types of licence

Measuring skills at four levels
irtec offers licences at four benchmark career levels which reflect a technician’s job role and experience. Licences can be taken in various vehicle classes, including Large Commercial/Goods Vehicle (over 7.5 tonnes), Bus and Coach, and trailer.

Technicians are assessed on both practical competence and theoretical knowledge.

Registration with Engineering Council

Engineering Council registration is an additional opportunity to gain professional recognition in your industry and the wider engineering community. Becoming registered can advance your career by helping you to prove your skills, experience and expertise at work. Registration is also beneficial to members employed outside the UK as it is recognised internationally.