The Trailblazer initiative is a government endorsed programme that sees the development of employer led apprenticeship standards replacing the current frameworks. With assistance from various stakeholders across the industry, new standards have been set out for various levels of apprenticeships of which several SOE members have provided input. These new apprenticeship standards now entail end-point assessments to ensure that the training schemes are producing young engineers of the highest standards.

The aims of these new standards are to:

  • Produce robust and stretching training that truly reflected the requirements of the modern engineering industry.
  • Ensure the standards can keep pace and reflect the changing technologies and industry requirements.
  • Inspire young engineers of the future and produce a viable and attractive alternative education route, with career opportunities that are understood by young people, parents, schools and employers.
  • Allow training providers to support the changing needs of the industry as well and to develop new teaching methods appropriate to the new technologies.
  • Reflect the need for all stakeholders to work together to provide the best training and opportunities for all which will lead to the best service for our customers and the public.


Currently there are 3 Trailblazer levels for those within the IRTE sector for both HGV and Bus & Coach. Further information can be downloaded from the links below: