Society will base its model on Royal Academy of Engineering diversity and inclusion progression framework

The Society believes in promoting diversity and inclusion through its engineering communities. To ensure this practice is successfully upheld, we will be measuring our performance against the Royal Academy of Engineering diversity and inclusion progression framework.

Our recording and measuring criteria are: governance and leadership; membership and professional registration; meetings, conferences and events; education and training, accreditation and examinations; prizes, awards and grants; communications, marketing, outreach and engagement; employment; and monitoring and measuring.

According to statistics from Global Diversity Practice, businesses with a good mix of ethnic backgrounds are 33% more likely to outperform their competitors. Also, teams that are gender, age and ethnically diverse make better decisions up to 87% of the time.

Inclusive systems are instrumental in changing discriminatory attitudes, enabling the development of social relationships and interactions, research from Open Society Foundations has found. Respect and understanding grow when members of diverse abilities and backgrounds, socialise, and learn together.

To deliver on our promise to comply with this progression framework, we must discover the diversity and levels of inclusivity of our members, committees, and board, to analyse how they reflect our diverse engineering populace.

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