Award named in memory of Alex MacDonald how died in February.

The University of Northampton in association with LECS (UK) is proud to announce the introduction of the Alex MacDonald Award for Lift Engineering. The award, for MSc Lift Engineering students, will be presented every year to the highest quality and innovative Masters Degree dissertation.

LECS UK, a leading independent vertical transportation consultancy, celebrates its 30th anniversary this year and is taking the opportunity to introduce the award in memory of its colleague, Alex MacDonald, who died in February.

Alex, 29, was an outstanding engineer and a true professional. Having studied both architecture and engineering, he was leading a ground-breaking project in the Docklands set to attract worldwide attention for its bespoke design.

SOE member Dave Cooper Eur Ing  said: “As an engineering consultant working in this area for more than 35 years, I am a keen supporter of ongoing education, learning and bringing new blood into the industry. Our dear colleague Alex was a great example of the best of the next generation coming into this sector and is greatly missed by all who worked with him.

“It is a privilege to be MD of LECS UK on its 30th anniversary and we hope this award will encourage all MSc students to push the boundaries in thought and research developments as well as create a legacy for Alex who was an exceptional engineer.”

Professor Stefan Kaczmarczyk, Postgraduate Programme Leader for Lift Engineering at the University of Northampton, said: "The University has been proud to be associated with LECS UK over the years and with Alex, who studied here. We hope this annual award will inspire and motivate our students to achieve their academic and professional goals while always remembering Alex.”

The Alex MacDonald Award for Lift Engineering plus £200 prize money will be awarded annually for an outstanding dissertation submitted by the MSc Lift Engineering students at the University of Northampton.  The inaugural award will be presented to the winner at the University in 2020.