2021-2022 Society Trustee Board

The Society’s AGM that was held in October welcomed new Trustees to the Trustee Board and also acknowledged some Trustees concluding their term of office. Trustees standing down form the Board in 2021 included:

  • Lloyd Mason, who stood down from the Trustee Board earlier in 2021 and continues to provide valuable support for the Society in other areas of charitable activities.

  • Steve Catte, who, as well as services to the Trustee Board, also assisted the Society greatly with developing governance documents and procedures and is a long-standing member who contributed to, not only the Trustee Board, but as a member of other committees as well.

  • Ian Jackson, a long-standing member of the Trustee Board, who also assisted the Society greatly on a number of working groups and continues to volunteer as a member of other committees.

  • John Parry, who very sadly passed away earlier this year, but was such a great asset to the Society and the IRTE sector with his huge passion for the irtec scheme.

New to the Trustee Board in 2021 are: Tony Cockcroft as Chair of the IRTE professional sector council and Vice President of the Society and, Co-Opted Trustees, Daniella Rathke, Caroline Harries and Satnam Cheema. More information about the Trustees can be found at soe.org.uk/trustees.

The Trustee Board for 2021/2022 will be.

President                                                                                             Adam Fraser-Hitchen

Immediate Past President                                                                  Michael Sweetmore

President Elect and Honorary Treasurer                                            Shaun Stephenson

Honorary Secretary                                                                            Howard Seymour

Vice-President – IRTE Chair                                                              Tony Cockcroft

Vice-President – IPlantE/Operations Chair                                       Tony Robinson

Vice-President – BES Chair                                                               David Young

Chair of IRTE Services Ltd                                                                 Chris Grime

Chair of Membership & Professional Standards Committee             Alistair Reid

Elected members                                                                                John Eastman

                                                                                                            Garry Gilby

                                                                                                            Tony Jolliffe    

 Co-opted Members                                                                            Daniella Rathke

                                                                                                            Caroline Harries

                                                                                                            Satnam Cheema